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Airtel DTH customer care Bangalore - Toll free number

Here is the Airtel DTH customer care Bangalore.

Its a Toll free number Call 18001028080

Whats new features and fixes in iOS 6.0.1 software update

New features and fixes in iOS 6.0.1

Apple has released an update for iOS 6, its iOS 6.0.1,  This update is more of a bug fixes for iPhone 5 and other previous versions of iPhone mostly.

Here are the bug fixes and improvements in iOS 6.0.1

  • Fixes a bug affecting Exchange meetings

  • Fixes a bug that prevents iPhone 5 from installing software updates wirelessly over the air

  • Fixes a Passcode Lock bug which sometimes allowed access to Passbook pass details from lock screen

  • Resolves an issue that prevents iPhone from using the cellular network in some instances

  • Fixes a bug where horizontal lines may be displayed across the keyboard

  • Fixes an issue that could cause camera flash to not go off

  • Improves reliability of iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) when connected to encrypted WPA2 Wi-Fi networks

  • Consolidated the Use Cellular Data switch for iTunes Match

For more information on the security content of this update refer below

Business Intelligence Development Studio - BIDS in SQL Server 2012

BIDS in SQL Server 2012

If  you are wondering 'where is Business Intelligence Development Studio - BIDS for  SQL Server 2012 after installing SQL Server 2012, you may not find it.

You won't find BIDS in Sql Server 2012 because it has been replaced by SQL Server Data Tools which uses core of Visual Studio 2010  and has has Report Builder and Report Designer built into Visual Studio 2010.

The Color of the IDE is now changed when compared to BIDS in SQL Server 2008, It looks more of a Visual Studio 2010 since its built on top of it.

You still will have  the same functionality in SQL Server Data Tools similar to that of BIDS in SQL Server 2008 with new features added in SQL Server 2012

This is how SQL Server Data Tools IDE looks when you click on SQL Server Data Tools in start menu ( It uses Visual Studio 2010 IDE)

Once you open the SQL Server Data Tools IDE and click on new project, you see the same new project dialog similar to what we had in BIDS 2008.

SQL Server Data Tools IDE now looks sharper when compared to BIDS 2008 as below.

Get iCloud email on my windows PC

Get  iCloud email on my windows

Is there a way to use or access or icloud email from a windows pc?

If you type and press enter in your windows browser , it says 'mobileme is closed'

Yes, you can use or access your iCloud email from your windows browser and check your mails in any windows browser rather than in a apple devices like iPhone,iPad or iPod.

Just click the below URL, give the and login into your email or iCloud email from windows browser.

You can login to your or iCloud mail from windows by using 

  • Apple ID/password  ( once you login into iCloud you see.

    • Mail

    • Contacts

    • Calendar

    • Notes

    • Reminders

    • Find My iPhone (if you are already using this)

    • iWork ( Not free app, you need to pay nearly 10$ from App store).

  • (

Online Indane gas booking or apply for new Indane gas connection online

Online Indane gas booking or apply for new Indane gas connection online.

How to register for a New Indane Gas connection online

Set your preferred Time of delivery for your Indane Gas Connection online

How to reactivate your deactivated gas connection due to not availing gas connection for more than 6 months.

How to know Indane LPG gas cylinder and Auto Gas prices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai

How do existing Indane Gas customers register online

How to do online booking for Indane Gas connection.

Search for Indane Gas distributor in your state/city

Search for Indane Gas Offices in your state/city

Indane gas automated Refill system booking for Delhi only

To know about Indane Non fuel products like LPG Stoves,Fire Extinguishers, Cylinder trolley and Kitchenware items

How to transfer a Indane Gas connection in case you are shifting your residence

How to give your feedback to Indane gas

How to give feedback to Indane webmaster related to Indane website.

How to know about new Indane connection tariff, Product price and Preferred time charges for Indane gas.

SMS/IVRS Booking for Indane Gas

Indane Gas Frequently asked questions related to LPG & Customer

For more details on Indane Auto gas

How is Indane LPG used in Commercial Applications

How to get back to Indane LPG after migrating to PNG

Keep Your Debit Card/ ATM card Pin Safe/Strong

Keep Your Debit Card/ ATM card Pin Safe/Strong

We use strong passwords to keep our email and internet banking accounts to keep it safe from hackers and Phishing, but we don't use the same with our SBI/ICICI/HDFC ATM or Debit card pins which can be easily guessed and misused.

Most of us still have the same PIN used by most and there by are easy prey for cheaters. As per a survey done on 34 Lakh ATM pins used '1234' is used by 11% of debit card users.

Here are few tips on Do's and Donts to keep your SBI/ICICI/HDFC debit or ATM card pin or any bank ATM/Debit card safe.

  • Never use your date of birth as your Debit card/ATM pin, nearly 20% of pins are between 1990 to 1999

  • Don't use 1234,1111,0000 as your ATM pin,  these three pins are used by 20% people and 1111 alone is used by 6% of people

  • 10,000 combinations can be done using a 4 digit number, however 50% of people are using only 426 codes. So it's very easy for a person who has found your ATM card and guess its Pin.

  • You may use codes like 8093,9067, 7097 and 7637. 8068 is used by only 0.001%

  • Most people prefer using even number like 2468 rather than pin like 13357.

Here are few more tips to keep your pin safe.

  • Make sure you cover keypad while entering with the other hand

  • Don't keep your pin noted along with your ATM card.

  • Change your pin immediately after receiving your first Pin received from bank.

iPhone configuration utility 3.5 will not install profile with iTunes 10.0.7

We have seen that the latest version of iPhone/apple configuration utility and iTunes don't play well together, because of this you will not be able to update/install latest builds or version of xcode apps built for iPhones and iPads developed by you with iOS 6.

If you are not able to install/update the application profile developed for iPhones and iPads using iphone/ipad configuration utility after installing  iTunes 10.0.7, you may need to update to latest iPhone Configuration Utility( released today 28th september 2012 , Its fully compatible with iOS 6. Also you may need to update your iTunes to version

Once you both the above versions of i
phone/ipad configuration utility and iTunes, you will be able to deploy latest builds of apps developed for iPhones and iPads.

If you have Apple software installed on windows , it will automatically prompt you to install these updates, or else you may need to install the latest version of iPhone configuration utility from below.

What do you say? does that help?


New in iOS 6 for your apple devices

New in iOS 6 for your apple devices

Update: 19 September 2012

The Apple iOS 6 is ready for download and its size differs for iPhone and iPad.

What is the download size for iphone/iPad iOS 6 release?

iPad2 iOS 6 software update download size is  548 mb, however iPhone iOS 6 download size is  912.8 mb when downloaded from iTunes.


The new iOS 6 has around 200+ new features for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 6 gives new features for these below to make your things better.

  • Apple Designed Maps

  • Siri - More Information like Sports, Restaurants & Movies

  • Facebook - Integrated throughout iOS6

  • Shared Photo Streams

  • Passbook for all your tickets, Passes

  • FaceTime - make facetime calls from cellular as well rather than wifi alone.

  • Phone Call decline/Message back option

  • Redesigned mail

  • Better Safari browser

  • Guided access for people with vision,hearing and learning disabilities

  • Camera with Panorama

and lot more...

Apple's new iOS 6 is compatible with these models or devices from Apple ...

  • iPhone 3GS

  • iPhone 4

  • iPhone 4S

  • iPhone 5

  • iPod touch (4th Generation)

  • iPod touch (5th Generation)

  • iPad2

  • iPad ( The New iPad)

So when is Apple's new iOS 6 available?

Its available for download on September 19th 2012

Enjoy the new features of iOS 6.

For more details on iOS 6 , refer

Casio G-Shock Riseman Solar Atomic Watch Manual

Casio Men's G-Shock Riseman Solar Atomic Watch Manual / Casio g-shock instructions / casio g shock manual

Below is the manual for Casio Men's GW9200-1 G-Shock Riseman Alti-Therm Solar Atomic Watch, which can help you in following functions.

The g shock manual that comes in box with watch doesn't have few functions in detail and is not user friendly where you can't search using Ctrl + F ( we no more can search for content without Ctrl + F, lol...) , happy searching ...

This manual helps you to perform the below functions in most of the casio G shock watches.

It helps you to remove an alarm or modify an alarm and all other functions given below.

G shock Radio Controlled Atomic Timekeeping
G shock  Altimeter
G shock  Recalling Altitude Data
G shock  Barometer/Thermometer
G shock  World Time
G shock  Stopwatch
G shock  Countdown Timer
G shock  Remove alarms / Modify alarm
G shock  Illumination
G shock  Power Supply
G shock  Timekeeping
G shock Reference
G shock City Code Table

Mahatma Gandhi three wise monkeys

Mahatma Gandhi three wise monkeys

Here is the updated version of Mahatma Gandhi's three wise monkeys. It has evolved a lot since Gandhi.

One more monkey has evolved, its no more 3 monkeys.  Thanks to social networking  sites Facebook, twitter, blogs for this new evolution.

The new mantra now is hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and post no evil

Hide iPhone iMessage preview in locked iPhone or iPad

Hide iPhone iMessage preview in locked iPhone or iPad

Is there a way to hide sms and iMessage notifications or preview in your iPad or iPhone even when screen is locked.

Yes, we can hide the preview of messages in iPhone or iPad when its locked.

Go to Settings --> Notifications --> Messages (In Notification Center) --> View in Lock Screen

Turn off the toggle option. Once you turn this option OFF, no more message previews or notifications are shown to others when your iPad or iPhone is locked.

we can no more see the preview of iPhone iMessage or  iPad iMessage once we turn off the toggle option.

backup blogger posts and comments automatically

How to backup blogger posts and comments automatically?I've seen scenarios where posts or databases in a blog get accidentally deleted or destroyed by hackers who get access to your blogger posts.

Is there a way to backup all your blogger posts safe so that it can be restored when needed?

YES, there is a blogger backup utility which can be used to backup your blogger posts into a single or multiple files from which your blogger posts/comments can be restored.

You may download this utility from

once you install this utility, run the utility. you need to login into your blogger utility using your credentials, once you are logged in you may select the your blog from a drop down list if you have multiple blogs associated with your blogger account.

Note:  This version of backup utility (v1.0.9.23 Beta)  hangs up at times while backing up the posts, just uncheck the 'Save Comments' check box and click on backup posts, a workaround for now.

Your blogger posts are now safe, Happy blogging !!!

check ICICI balance missed call

ICICI missed call balance enquiry / ICICI balance enquiry by sms / icici bank balance check by miss call

This is an awesome facility that has been launched by ICICI BANK

Just give a missed call to 022-30256767 and receive a SMS stating your current balance.Do remember to call from your registered mobile only.

PS: I’ve posted here after testing from my mobile.  Perfectly working.Not sure how to works if you have two icici accounts with same registered mobile

 let me know :)

Amazing 3d portal video from jason craft

Amazing 3d portal video from jason craft

Filmmaker Jason Craft has created a brilliant video, revolving around the iconic gun from the hit video game, Portal. The clip depicts the director's vision as to what will happen if the Portal gun actually existed. Reportedly, a lot of complex technologies including 3D tracking, seamless camera cuts, and 3D camera projection have gone into making this piece. For Jason, this was the most challenging project and his hard work reflects in the video.


I've heard that  a lot of Portal game fans thought that the gun featured in video is a physical object that can be purchased. However, Jason has cleared the air, saying that it has been created entirely using CGI(Computer Generated Imagery).

Here is the Video Link, Enjoy the fun with 3D.

HP Gas Cylinder Tracking

HP Gas Cylinder Tracking portal

Have your ever been denied of domestic gas booking a Gas cylinder with in a fortnight?  Here is how to do HP domestic Gas Cylinder Tracking

Or do you doubt that some one else is booking gas refills on your connection and being delivered during your absence or because of less utilization of your refills?

Now the question is , can we track your domestic gas cylinder's refill history? Yes we can !!!

You can see the last 12 refill data Information in your HP gas consumer world portal. It contains all the details like order reference number, cylinder booking number, booking date, delivery date and so on.

Cylinder Tracking System:

Here is the URL for hp gas online portal where your cylinder tracking can be done.

You need to login into the above HP gas business portal with you username/password to see the history of your last 12 gas refills.

Once you login into the HP gas consumer portal, you can see all the history of your cylinder's refill. looking at this refill history you can easily track your cylinder.

HP Gas Cylinder Tracking

Goat having Lunch on Honda Activa

Have you ever seen or heard about Goat having lunch on a Honda Activa?Can't believe !!! It has just followed the principle 'Necessity is the mother of Invention'

I was just arround to capture his style of  Lunch. This one always has lunch on bikes like Hero Honda and Honda :)

Looks like a Goat Rider, lol.. 'Think Different'...

Apple anounces iOS 6 today with better Siri and Facebook Integration

Apple announces  iOS 6 with better Siri and Facebook Integration with nearly 200 new features. Key features were included for Siri and Facetime.


Siri in iOS 6:

Siri has become smarter in iOS6 and learned few more languages like Italian,mandarin and more.

  • You can make hotel reservations 

  • You can get movie reviews

  • Siri can also tweet for you. 

Tight Integration with Facebook:

The rumors about apple integrating its new iOS with Facebook is finally true. iOS6  gets Facebook integrated to your calendar, you can see all events like birthdays in your calendar.


Better Facetime:

With iOS 6 , face time now works with 3G not just with WiFi in earlier versions of iOS.


For more information on new features in apple's iOS 6 refer below...



Find vulnerable plugins in Firefox browser and make it safe?

How to find vulnerable plugins in Firefox browser and make it safe?All outdated plugins in your browser are not necessarily dangerous and may not harm your PC, however most outdated plugins are prone to attacks.  One of the good examples of attacks done was by outdated java plugins in both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Many users don't update their plugins in their browsers as frequently as needed, hackers use their ready made exploits which are made specific for an outdated plugin, If  your plugin is updated, developers would already  fixed that vulnerability, else your data and PC is in risk.

Is there an easy way of checking updates for each of your plugin at a single place? Yes, Firefox has come up with a plugin checker, which displays all plugins and their status and action to be taken.Each plugin is displayed with status and Action section Update button in three different colors

  • Red - update immediately (high risk)
  • Yellow - good to upgrade (medium risk)
  • Green- good, you have the latest or safest version of the plugin You may just click on the update button and it leads to plugin's home page. cool way of making your browser secure isn't it?

Limits pictures in blogger account

Though Google provides a lot of room for bloggers and unlimited features like number of posts and other, still there are few limitations in a blogger account.

No limitation Zone:

  • Number of posts

  • Size of posts (but it may vary if your post has images)

  • Number of comments

Here comes the limitation zone:

  • Size of pages, limited to 1 MB

  • Not more than 100 blogs for a Google account

  • Upload limit via blogger mobile for an image is 250k

  • Limit of 100 members per blog

  • Up to 2000 unique labels for each post

  • Blog description is restricted to 500 characters with no html.

  • 'About Me' section has a maximum of 1200 characters

  • Number of Pictures  in blogger account- up to 1 GB including your existing albums

On more info about uploading pictures limitation in blogger amount. Since there is a memory limit of 1 GB for pictures to be uploaded for each blogger account.

You can check the amount of memory used by your blog pictures. All the pictures uploaded in blogger will be stored in picasa, even though you have deleted the posts the images still remain in your picasa account.

To view all the pictures or images in your blog, just log into your picasa google account and click on the album , with name of your blog.

To find how much remaining space you have on blogger account, click on Options(at the right most corner)  --> Photo Settings --> Storage

This screen does display the percentage of memory used and free space available in your Google's picasa web or blogger account.

Google's Speak Now Search for chrome browser

Google is testing its new speech to text ability in its chrome browser. It Looks good, though its still not the best speech to text ability available.

You just need to click the microphone icon and speak when , it shows 'Speak now'

Speak Now Search for chrome :
Speak Now Search for chrome
I tested it with words like laptop and coffee making, It was correct once out of 10, so still beta and lot more to improve.

my speech for a word 'laptop' fetches this from Google's speak now :) , what you say?

Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser

Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser

Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser - How to uninstall or Remove Babylon uTorrent toolbar from firefox browser?

When you install torrent clients like uTorrent and other programs, lot of toolbars start adding to your browser. This  makes your firefox browser slower and heavy to Load.

To remove babylon or utorrent toolbars from your firefox browser, You do not need any uninstallers.

Firefox browser has a add-on manager which shall take care of these toolbars which you no more need and like to remove or uninstall.

You can clean these toolbars from your Firefox browser by just following the below steps using the firefox add-on manager.

1) Go to Options in Firefox browser

Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser

2) Click on Manage add-ons
Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser

3) Click remove on each tool bar like babylon or utorrent to remove them from your firefox browser. Once you click on remove and restart the browser, your firefox browser is now clean from babylon or utorrent toolbars. Hope this helps you in removing Babylon or uTorrent toolbar from your firefox browser

Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser

Ramayana in HTML5 by Google Indonesia

Ramayana in HTML5 by Google Indonesia

Ramayana is known as an ancient sanskrit epic. Its also an important part of Hindu culture and history.Google has come up with HTML 5 representation of this great epic, It demonstrates Ramayana in form of episodes.

The text is written in bahasa Indonesia language. However you can convert the text into your favourite language like English or Hindi or Spanish or Portuguese using Google Translate in chrome browser and go through one of the best visual treat created using HTML 5 by Google.

Note that this translator may work only for Google's chrome browser.

Surf through this Ramayana in our Facebook era.

Looks amazing isn't it?

Translate text from english to hindi or Portuguese to english using Google Translate

Google has come up with free text translator named Google Translate for chrome browser and apple iOS which can translate between 60 languages.

How does this translator help you? If you have found a website or portal in a different language you can just click the Translate extension to convert the text into your favorite language.

Once you install this Translator on Chrome you may translate any language, just click on the Translator Icon on the right top corner of chrome and its done.

For an example it can translate from

  • English to Spanish 

  • Portuguese to English

  • English to Hindi

Google Translate is available as an extension for chrome browser  and also available as an iOS app in Itunes for  iPod,iPhone and iPad.

How do you feel after having a free Translator?

Apple releases iOS 5.1.1 update for iPad, iPhone and iPod on 05/08/2012

Apple releases iOS 5.1.1 update

Apple has released an update iOS 5.1.1 for iPad, iPhone and iPod on 05/08/2012.  This update will contain few improvements and bug fixes.
Here are the features of iOS 5.1.1 update.

  • Improves reliability of using HDR Option for photos taken using the LOCK Screen Shortcut

  • Resolved bugs that prevent the new ipad switching between 2G and 3G Networks

  • Fixed Bugs effecting AirPlay Video Playback in some circumstances

  • Improved reliability of syncing Safari bookmarks and Reading List

  • Fixes an issue where 'Unable to Purchase' alert was displayed even after a successful purchase

An alert will be displayed in your ipad or iPhone as below prompting to install this update.

How to add copy transfer videos or mp3 songs to Ipad 2 using itunes

If you are looking for a tip or wondering how to add video or songs to ipad 2 using itunes, Here you go.

To Copy Videos or Mp3 to Ipad you need to

  • First add them to itunes Library and once the videos or songs are copied to Library

  • Then Click on Sync once your Ipad is connected  and visible in Itunes.

If you are still wondering on how to add video or songs to Library in Itunes, Just go to 

 'Add file to Library' or 'Add Folder to Library'  option in Itunes as given in above screenshot.

Note that videos of only .mp4 format is supported by Ipad, so you may need to convert your videos into .mp4 format using this free video converter 

Once Videos and music is added into Library using above steps they are displayed in Library as given below.

If your newly added videos or music is visible  in Itunes Library , just hit on the SYNC button as given below . All the videos and music get copied into your Ipad from Itunes Library.

Google drive Features and Advantages

Google drive Features and Advantages

update 07272013:

Google now provides 15 GB of free space in cloud

I always have been great fan of GOOGLE for products like GTALK, GOOGLE Desktop,Google Earth and others which make our daily life better and easy.

Google has now come with a new cloud called Google Drive which shall reduce the redundancy of efforts in managing/sharing files with your friends and family.

Google Drive Features:

  • Google Provides 5 GB of Free space in Cloud.

  • You can create, share and manage files using Google drive.

  • Sync all changes from one place, make changes in one place. The Sync happens in all locations, both web and desktop folders.

How to get started with Google Drive: Go through below link and get started

Once you apply for google drive, you shall get a welcome mail from Google in a day or two.

Google Drive on Web and Folder:

Once you install google drive and place your files and documents in cloud, this is how it looks in both web and folder version of google drive.


Advantages of Google Drive:

  • You can share these files with everyone.

  • No more huge mail attachments, just drop them in Google drive and share link with friends.

  • Modify at one place and sync happens everywhere, ie., in all Laptops where you access Google Drive folder with same google account.

  • No more worries of file sync in multiple places, same change is reflected everywhere in a second.

  • For Example you have modified an excel in google drive here in India, the same updated version of the excel can be accessed by your friend in a second.

  • Just drop a party video at your friend's place into google drive , now the whole world can view it in no time.

How to access Google web drive and folder once installed:

Once google drive is installed , you may just invoke both the web and folder version of Google drive by just right click on google Drive Icon as shown above from Task bar in the right bottom in your laptop or PC.

Free video converter for IPAD iPhone iPod

Free video converter for IPAD iPhone iPod

Update: 26th Sep 2012

The free any video converter that I have posted earlier doesn't retain the quality of video, to have a better video of high quality in .mp4 for your iPad, iPod and other mobile devices use Aiseesoft MTS Converter (v6.2.16.4786). It converts video with the same video quality as that of source.

This MTS Converter supports all kinds of popular video formats with the highest conversion speed and excellent image/sound quality.

However this video converter for your apple devices is not free, you can download this video converter from torrents with a patch to run it without any limitations.

Now enjoy high quality videos in .mp4 format for your iPad,iPod and iPhone.
Here is a free video converter that shall convert .WMV to .mp4 for your Apple IPAD,IPOD and BLACKBERRY devices.

Features of this converter.

  • Doesn't have limitations of video size like other video converters that shall convert only 10 minutes or so

  • Converts videos for Apple IPAD, IPOD and Blackberry devices

Given below is the location from where you can download this video converter. For more information on tool refer.

Video Converter Information:

Free Video Converter download Location:

IPAD 2 not charging connected to laptop usb port

IPAD 2 not charging connected to laptop usb port

Does your IPAD 2 get charged when connected to Dell, Thinkpad Laptop? If it shows 'NOT CHARGING' even after connected to Laptop's USB port.. Then you may need to Install ASUS charger utility on your laptop. Download it from below location and install.

This Utility can be installed on DELL,LENOVO Laptops and once restarted your IPAD 2 gets charged connected to Laptop USB.

Here is the screen shot BEFORE and AFTER installation of ASUS utility. After Installation and restarting the Laptop, your IPAD 2 gets charged when connected to laptop usb. Look at the right end corner of IPAD 2 where it shows Charging Icon

Before and After Installation

Cardiac surgeons from Arizona pay 100,000 $ to settle HIPAA violations

Cardiac surgoens from Arizona pay $ 100,000 to settle HIPAA  violations - (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability)An Arizone cardiac surgery group has agreed to pay $100,000 to resolve an investigation into potential violations of the Health Insurance Portability by exposing details of their patients via public media. for more details refer 

Narendra Modi Rooftop solar power policy in Gujarat

Narendra Modi Rooftop Solar power policy

Narendra Modi's government plans 'Rooftop' solar power policy in Gujarat state
  • Narendra Modi's government in gujarat has initiated a 5MW roof top program to generate electricity. 

  • This policy would make people in gujarat self-reliant in generating power. 

  • People can use the power generated by their own roof top and sell off the remaining power to grid

  • Due to this solar power generated by new Plant the cost per unit has come down from Rs 15 per unit to Rs 8.50 per unit

  • With this installed capacity of 600 Mw plant of solar power generation, Gujarat has become world's largest solar power field generator

  • Mr Narendra Modi says that this solar energy sector is going to bring new 30,000 jobs in state of Gujarat.

For more details refer 

An Idea can change life, Modiji ... Great Idea ...

AP Inter 1st year results 2013

AP Inter 1st year results

Board of intermediate have announced results for inter 1st year both general and vocational. Here are the URLs for inter 1st year results 2013 with marks, just type in the hall ticket number for inter 1st year results 2013 displayed with marks.

For Inter 1st Year results 2013 (General)

For Inter 1st Year results 2013 (Vocational)

Remove Laptop Battery Increase Life

Remove Laptop Battery Increase Life

Given below are few tips to extend Toshiba or Lenovo laptop battery or any laptop battery life.

Don't Run It Down to Empty
Don't try to run it until last drop, this may decrease the life span of Lithium Ion Battery. Since all latops today use Lithium Ion Battery using until the last minute may decrease battery life.

Remove Laptop Battery Increase Life ?
Yes Give It a Rest, If you're going to be working exclusively on AC power for a week or more, remove the battery first and work with Adapter connected on. This shall reduce charge and discharge of laptop battery and there by increase battery life.

For more information on Ways to Increase Laptop Battery Life Please refer

text less pay more

text less pay more

Here is one good example why we should be paying attention to surroundings rather than sticking to mobiles  and texting always.

Here is a guy who is busy with his mobile and finally receives a surprise of his life !!!!

Please pay attention to your sorroundings, its very risky while in traffic.

Do you agree?

update: 02082013:

This Video has been removed from youtube :(

revoke 2 step verification passwords google applications

revoke 2 step verification passwords google applications

How to view | create | revoke 2 step verification application specific passwords for google applications

To view or revoke or create passwords for google applications like gtalk using 2 step authentication process, navigate to below url ( You need to be logged in using your Gmail credentials)

Here you can view passwords/ permissions  for connected Sites, Apps, and Services offered by Google

eenadu telugu newspaper bangalore

eenadu telugu newspaper bangalore

To get eenadu newspaper daily in marathalli | Whitefield | Mahadevpura  area at your doorstep, call the below contact number of newspaper agency that delivers newspaper daily

Call 9880780337 or 8867292604

Also go through below link to view details of newspaper agencies and newspaper distributors in Marathalli | Banashankari | murugeshpalya | Jeevan Bima nagar | C V Raman Nagar | HAL

Vodafone micro sim store near Embassy Golf park Indranagar roadBangalore

Vodafone micro sim store near Embassy Golf park

Nearest Vodafone store near by domlur bridge,Indiranagar road, Embassy Golf park is in 100 feet road, Indira nagar.The nearest landmark is Citibank ATM.

its beside Citibank ATM in Indiranagar.Vodafone Store,
100 Feet Road,
Indira nagar,

Its on right while going from EGL (Inner Ring Road) to Indira nagar after crossing domlur bridge, one more landmark is Its near by adidias show room.

How to get a vodafone India micro sim for iphone4s or ipad2To get Vodafone micro sim  walk in into  vodafone store near to Domlur bridge | Indiranagar road | Embassy Golf park in Bangalore

Your normal vodafone sim can be exchanged here with a Vodafone Micro sim with same number

Once you get the vodafone micro sim, you are ready to leap into Apple app store for tons of apps

Good to know that apple's app store has reached 25 billion downloads on March 03 2012.

Happy Gaming with your iphone 4s | ipad2

Vodafone micro sim store near Embassy Golf park

What is my ip address and ip information

If you want to know what is the ip address of your system and other information like ISP, Organization, City, Region and Country.

Just click on below link to get all details about your ip address.

For more information related to ip address refer

Andhra Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test 2012 Results

For Andhra Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test 2012 results refer below website, enter hall ticket number for ATET 2012 result details 

Blogger open link in a new browser or window

If your blog or website has lot of links referring to other URLs of websites or files in different locations and if these links should be opened in different window or different browser when you click on links then modify the template of blogger.
  • Go to blog template

  • Click on edit HTML

  • Click on the proceed button

  • search for tag

  • Place a new tag below it. 

  • After placing new  tag

  • Save template

Once the template is saved, each click on links or URLs in blogger are now opened in new browser or window in blogger.

First Year B.D.S Results Jan 2012 - Dr N T R UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES

If you are looking for  First Year B.D.S results from Dr N T R UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES

Here are the IBDS-Jan-2012-Results for B.D.S first year.

How to enable do not disturb Vodafone number or serivices

How to enable do not disturb on Vodafone services

To activate do not disturb on Vodafone number

call 1909


send  'start 0' to 1909

Vodafone also allows partial do not disturb, for more details on how to enable DND / how to enable DND partially refer

Vodafone will activate the Do Not Disturb in 7 business days.

Enjoy your privacy !!!!

Top five browsers

The top browsers  in Windows and mac platforms.

Survey done as on Oct 14th 2009
  1. Firefox (3.5 ) Windows - for Stability, Security and lot of add ons

  2. Google Chrome (3) - the Fastest browser

  3. Internet Explorer 8 (Windows) - for new innovative features

  4. Opera 10 (Windows)

  5. Firefox 3.5 (Mac)

  6. Safari 4 (Mac)

My Favourite is Google Chrome for its speed.
  • Chrome renders JavaScript more than nine times faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

  • Is over five times faster than Opera Software's Opera 10

  • Two-and-a-half times faster than Firefox 3.5

  • 30% faster than Safari 4.0.


HDFC Limited marathahalli branch bangalore

If you are looking to visit Marathalli HDFC limited branch for Queries related to HDFC home loans.Here is the nearest Landmark for HDFC Limited branch in Marathalli, bangalore . Its beside Dominos Pizza in Marathalli.

Driving Directions:
  • From Marathalli Brand Factory : Take left from Marathalli bridge towards Krishnaraja puram, HDFC Limited is in service road after marathalli bridge, beside Dominos Pizza.

  • From Innovative Multiplex : Go below Marathalli bridge towards KR Puram, take left to service road after you cross the bridge, HDFC Limited is on the Left beside Domino's Pizza 

How to display html code in blogger or website

Just Copy the HTML that you want to display and convert it so that it can
be displayed as html in browser.

For More details refer.

How to find build date of an assembly

How to find build date of an assembly and name of connection string 

Let us first have a label named lblversion, where we shall display the name of the connection string and build date of assembly

Code to be placed in codebehind :

lblVersion.Text = String.Format("Schema: {0}Build Date: {1}", Schema, System.IO.File.GetLastWriteTime (System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location).

How to create RSS Feeds and Google Sitemap for ASP.Net MVC using LINQ to xml

The two most popular reasons why we have a XML in most of our personal websites
  1. RSS Feed

  2. Google Site Map

The above said two reasons can be be implemented using LINQ to XML


How to implement Auto Suggest using an Auto complete Extender Control

This Auto Suggest control shall suggest the user
  1. Text based on text entered.

  2. Shall suggest you images based on the image name entered as input in the text box.


How to build Custom SEO friendly paging with ASP.NET Repeater or DataList control Controls like Data Grid and Grid view have paging functionality out of the box. How about controls like repeater and data list control which do not having paging out of the box.

Advantages of these controls:
  1. View State need not be maintained.

  2. They are SEO (Search engine Optimization) friendly, so search engines like google and bing can even crawl through all the records in this Repeater or DataList


Appdev training videos for Sql server reporting services 2005

Here is the link for Appdev videos for SSRS 2005, These videos are very much useful for people who want to know the basic and advanced topics in Sql Server 2005.

No Password required for any of these files, have fun. Happy Learning

If Apple and Blackberry were just Fruits !!!

No doubt,  Apple and blackberry have taken life to new heights, technology has changed a lot of people's life and given lot of comfort and ease. 

On the other hand If apple and blackberry were fruits they would have resulted in better health being part of a good diet.

Since apple and blackberry are no more fruits, they make people part of a virtual environment and have created a virtual wall in social living of people.

We can't even assume how this mechanical life would be if on one fine day Apple and Blackberry were just fruits ....

This isn't a blackberry joke....

Think of it , lol

Sholay Thakur Ka Hath Mil Gaya

We have finally found Hands of Sholay"s Thakur hands that went missing since our Independence day in year 1975. Don't wonder what Independence day has to do with Sholay Movie... Sholay was released on August 15th 1975.

Finally Sholay Thakur ka hath mil gaya, looks like Its the discovery of the century !!!! 

Do you remember the famous bollywood dialogue 'Gabbar ko marne ke liye Thakur ke payr hi kaafi hain ' ...

If you wanna have a look at Thakur's missing hands that were found  and Thakur's fight with gabbar singh ... , go through below link.

Gabbar Singh knew this all these years , lol

Keep Smiling :)

Mega Star Chiranjeevi New Movie 2015

There has been a lot of hype about Megastar Chiranjeevi's new movie which is also the 150th Movie of Chiranjeevi.

News has been flowing around that below directors will be taking up the challenge of taking up this prestigious project.

News in Tollywood is that following directors are taking up Chiranjeevi's new movie in 2015
  1. AR Murugadoss

  2. SS Rajamouli

  3. VV Vinayak

  4. And finally now its sensational director Shankar.

Tollywood talks say that Chiranjeevi is looking for a story that would boost his political as well as Box Office collections.

All the best for Megastar Chiranjeevi and his new movie in 2015 and his fans as well ...

Is My Blog In Google's Index

To find out if your blog or website is already crawled by Google or to know if your website is already in Google's index.

Try This

1) Go to Google

2) Search for site: Site: blog or website name