Apple anounces iOS 6 today with better Siri and Facebook Integration

Apple announces  iOS 6 with better Siri and Facebook Integration with nearly 200 new features. Key features were included for Siri and Facetime.


Siri in iOS 6:

Siri has become smarter in iOS6 and learned few more languages like Italian,mandarin and more.

  • You can make hotel reservations 

  • You can get movie reviews

  • Siri can also tweet for you. 

Tight Integration with Facebook:

The rumors about apple integrating its new iOS with Facebook is finally true. iOS6  gets Facebook integrated to your calendar, you can see all events like birthdays in your calendar.


Better Facetime:

With iOS 6 , face time now works with 3G not just with WiFi in earlier versions of iOS.


For more information on new features in apple's iOS 6 refer below...



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