iPhone configuration utility 3.5 will not install profile with iTunes 10.0.7

We have seen that the latest version of iPhone/apple configuration utility and iTunes don't play well together, because of this you will not be able to update/install latest builds or version of xcode apps built for iPhones and iPads developed by you with iOS 6.

If you are not able to install/update the application profile developed for iPhones and iPads using iphone/ipad configuration utility after installing  iTunes 10.0.7, you may need to update to latest iPhone Configuration Utility( released today 28th september 2012 , Its fully compatible with iOS 6. Also you may need to update your iTunes to version

Once you both the above versions of i
phone/ipad configuration utility and iTunes, you will be able to deploy latest builds of apps developed for iPhones and iPads.

If you have Apple software installed on windows , it will automatically prompt you to install these updates, or else you may need to install the latest version of iPhone configuration utility from below.

What do you say? does that help?



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