backup blogger posts and comments automatically

How to backup blogger posts and comments automatically?I've seen scenarios where posts or databases in a blog get accidentally deleted or destroyed by hackers who get access to your blogger posts.

Is there a way to backup all your blogger posts safe so that it can be restored when needed?

YES, there is a blogger backup utility which can be used to backup your blogger posts into a single or multiple files from which your blogger posts/comments can be restored.

You may download this utility from

once you install this utility, run the utility. you need to login into your blogger utility using your credentials, once you are logged in you may select the your blog from a drop down list if you have multiple blogs associated with your blogger account.

Note:  This version of backup utility (v1.0.9.23 Beta)  hangs up at times while backing up the posts, just uncheck the 'Save Comments' check box and click on backup posts, a workaround for now.

Your blogger posts are now safe, Happy blogging !!!

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