Get iCloud email on my windows PC

Get  iCloud email on my windows

Is there a way to use or access or icloud email from a windows pc?

If you type and press enter in your windows browser , it says 'mobileme is closed'

Yes, you can use or access your iCloud email from your windows browser and check your mails in any windows browser rather than in a apple devices like iPhone,iPad or iPod.

Just click the below URL, give the and login into your email or iCloud email from windows browser.

You can login to your or iCloud mail from windows by using 

  • Apple ID/password  ( once you login into iCloud you see.

    • Mail

    • Contacts

    • Calendar

    • Notes

    • Reminders

    • Find My iPhone (if you are already using this)

    • iWork ( Not free app, you need to pay nearly 10$ from App store).

  • (

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