How to add copy transfer videos or mp3 songs to Ipad 2 using itunes

If you are looking for a tip or wondering how to add video or songs to ipad 2 using itunes, Here you go.

To Copy Videos or Mp3 to Ipad you need to

  • First add them to itunes Library and once the videos or songs are copied to Library

  • Then Click on Sync once your Ipad is connected  and visible in Itunes.

If you are still wondering on how to add video or songs to Library in Itunes, Just go to 

 'Add file to Library' or 'Add Folder to Library'  option in Itunes as given in above screenshot.

Note that videos of only .mp4 format is supported by Ipad, so you may need to convert your videos into .mp4 format using this free video converter 

Once Videos and music is added into Library using above steps they are displayed in Library as given below.

If your newly added videos or music is visible  in Itunes Library , just hit on the SYNC button as given below . All the videos and music get copied into your Ipad from Itunes Library.

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