Keep Your Debit Card/ ATM card Pin Safe/Strong

Keep Your Debit Card/ ATM card Pin Safe/Strong

We use strong passwords to keep our email and internet banking accounts to keep it safe from hackers and Phishing, but we don't use the same with our SBI/ICICI/HDFC ATM or Debit card pins which can be easily guessed and misused.

Most of us still have the same PIN used by most and there by are easy prey for cheaters. As per a survey done on 34 Lakh ATM pins used '1234' is used by 11% of debit card users.

Here are few tips on Do's and Donts to keep your SBI/ICICI/HDFC debit or ATM card pin or any bank ATM/Debit card safe.

  • Never use your date of birth as your Debit card/ATM pin, nearly 20% of pins are between 1990 to 1999

  • Don't use 1234,1111,0000 as your ATM pin,  these three pins are used by 20% people and 1111 alone is used by 6% of people

  • 10,000 combinations can be done using a 4 digit number, however 50% of people are using only 426 codes. So it's very easy for a person who has found your ATM card and guess its Pin.

  • You may use codes like 8093,9067, 7097 and 7637. 8068 is used by only 0.001%

  • Most people prefer using even number like 2468 rather than pin like 13357.

Here are few more tips to keep your pin safe.

  • Make sure you cover keypad while entering with the other hand

  • Don't keep your pin noted along with your ATM card.

  • Change your pin immediately after receiving your first Pin received from bank.

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