New in iOS 6 for your apple devices

New in iOS 6 for your apple devices

Update: 19 September 2012

The Apple iOS 6 is ready for download and its size differs for iPhone and iPad.

What is the download size for iphone/iPad iOS 6 release?

iPad2 iOS 6 software update download size is  548 mb, however iPhone iOS 6 download size is  912.8 mb when downloaded from iTunes.


The new iOS 6 has around 200+ new features for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 6 gives new features for these below to make your things better.

  • Apple Designed Maps

  • Siri - More Information like Sports, Restaurants & Movies

  • Facebook - Integrated throughout iOS6

  • Shared Photo Streams

  • Passbook for all your tickets, Passes

  • FaceTime - make facetime calls from cellular as well rather than wifi alone.

  • Phone Call decline/Message back option

  • Redesigned mail

  • Better Safari browser

  • Guided access for people with vision,hearing and learning disabilities

  • Camera with Panorama

and lot more...

Apple's new iOS 6 is compatible with these models or devices from Apple ...

  • iPhone 3GS

  • iPhone 4

  • iPhone 4S

  • iPhone 5

  • iPod touch (4th Generation)

  • iPod touch (5th Generation)

  • iPad2

  • iPad ( The New iPad)

So when is Apple's new iOS 6 available?

Its available for download on September 19th 2012

Enjoy the new features of iOS 6.

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