Information is Wealth...: Correct Tyre Air Pressure for bikes in India

Correct Tyre Air Pressure for bikes in India

Here is a quick tip for Correct Tyre Air Pressure for bikes in India

We are often told by folks in a Indian Oil or HP petrol bunk that standard tyre pressure for any bike is 26 for front and 36 for rear Tyre. However it isn't true, and each bike has its own tyre pressure for a single rider and with a pillion rider - pillion rider is nothing but one more rider behind you on the bike.

Given below are few inputs on why we should always correct tyre pressure for your bike.Some of us always ask is it mandatory to follow the standard tyre pressures given in the bike's handbook? Yes It Is , given below are the advantages and disadvantages if your Tyre pressure is less or more than the pressure the tyre is designed for.

Advantages of having correct tyre pressure for your bike:

  1. Correct Tyre pressure increases Tyre lifetime

  2. Correct Tyre pressure always ensures maximum mileage for your bike with comfort, stability and road grip 
Disadvantages if a bike Tyre has MORE or LESS Tyre pressure:
  1. High Tyre pressure causes rapid wear in the centre of the tread. 

  2. Has greater danger of casing fracture and tread cutting.

  3. LESS Tyre pressure may result in excessive heat build up which may result in sudden tyre destruction. 

  4. LESS Tyre pressure accelerates tread wear and creates additional stress on the tyre carcass. 

  5. Increases the risk of accidental damage, adversely affects handling and increases rolling resistance.
Given below are correct Tyre Air Pressure for bikes in Handbook by Hero Honda.

CompanyBike NameRiderFront Rear
Hero HondaHero Honda AchieverSingle25  PSI32 PSI
double25  PSI41 PSI
Hero HondaHero Honda CBZ ExtremeSingle25  PSI29 PSI
double29 PSI33 PSI
Hero HondaHero Honda CD - DawnSingle25 PSI28 PSI
double25 PSI40 PSI
Hero HondaHero Honda CD - DeluxeSingle25 PSI28 PSI
double25 PSI44 PSI
Hero HondaHero Honda GlamourSingle25 PSI32 PSI
double25 PSI36 PSI
Hero HondaHero Honda KarizmaSingle25 PSI28 PSI
double25 PSI32 PSI
Hero HondaHero Honda PleasureSingle22 PSI28 PSI
double22 PSI36 PSI
Hero HondaHero Honda Splendor plusSingle25 PSI28 PSI
double25 PSI32 PSI
Hero Honda

Hero Honda 
Super Splendor
Single25 PSI32 PSI
double25 PSI41 PSI
 Bajaj Pulsar 150 CCSingle28 PSI32 PSI
double28 PSI36 PSI
Bajaj Pulsar 180 CCSingle28 PSI32 PSI
Double28 PSI36 PSI
Bajaj AutoBajaj  Pulsar 220 CCSingle28 PSI28 PSI
Double28 PSI32 PSI

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