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Add adsense before footer or after post body wordpress

You can add adsense before footer or after post body wordpress by adding adsense code in content-single.php. If you want to add adsense below post title refer

your wordpress may be hosted on

To add adsense code above footer or below post body , Go to Appearance –> Editor –> content-single.php, click on the content-single.php file on the right in the editor screen, to select or modify content-single.php

Your adsense code need to be added before the <footer> the tag in content-single.php. now place your adsense code below the closing div tag or above footer tag to display adsense after post body or adsense ad just before footer

Replace google_ad_client and google_ad_slot with your adsense ad details and save the content-single.php. Please note that I have added adsense below post body in my wordpress blog which has F2 theme for wordpress. The .php file that you need to modify to display adsense ads before footer may be named different if you are using a different wordpres theme.

if you have the content-single.php in your theme or wordpress directory, modify it as given below. Once you add adsense script and save the .php file, Google adsense ads will now be dsiplayed above every post footer in your wordpress blog.

ADD YOUR ADSENSE CODE as below to display your ads below post body.

connect to Godaddy web hosting using Filezilla

Do you log into Godaddy web hosting File manager  every time you need to modify files in ftp?

No, you need not log into your Godaddy web hosting File manager  to access ftp of your web hosting domain. You can just access your ftp files using Filezilla, one of most popular ftp tools used worldwide.

To Access Godaddy web hosting File manager  using Filezilla (FTP), you need to create a ftp user for your hosting domain

1) To create a ftp user, login into godaddy --> ftp users --> create ftp user

2) You can now access Godaddy web hosting File manager  using filezilla, just provide these details and say connect
  1. Server ip or hosting account domain( say

  2. ftpusername created

  3. password
You can get the ip details of godaddy webhosting server if needed on the right bottom of the screen, once you click the launch button beside Web hosting domain.

Add Facebook Like Box Wordpress javascript

To Add Facebook Like Box to Wordpress without plugin or appid/secret you just need to modify the header.php and add javascript code to it.

Its easy you can just add facebook like box to your wordpress in two steps

1) Go to header.php located in yoursitewp-contentthemesyour themeheader.php( Here yoursite is your wordpress name and your theme is theme of your wordpress, carefully navigate to your folder.
Add this script below the body tag in header.php

<div id="fb-root"></div>
<script>(function(d, s, id) {
var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
if (d.getElementById(id)) return;
js = d.createElement(s); = id;
js.src = "//";
fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));</script>

2)Add below html in TEXT widget and place it wherever you want to display the facebook like box

<div  href="" data-width="250" data-height="189" data-show-faces="true" data-border-color="#f4f4f4" data-stream="false" data-header="false"></div>

Make sure that you remove allinfoatoneplace from above  javascript script with your wordpress, Let me know if this doesn't help in adding Facebook Like Box to your Wordpress.

Thinkpad T500 not booting after battery drain windows 7

Thinkpad T500 not booting after battery drain windows 7

Thinkpad T500 not booting windows  after complete battery drain and  looping back to Thinkvantage screen.

Try plugging in the power cord and try to boot from Windows DVD or from USB using Ubuntu , if your thinkpad is still not able to boot windows from HDD then there should be something wrong with BIOS.

To go to BIOS restart your laptop, press DEL when you see the Thinkvantage screen, now to go to BIOS
Look for Config --> Serial ATA(SATA) --> SATA Controller Mode Option and change it to Compatibility from AHCI and restart.  Now press F12 at the thinkvantage screen and try to boot from HDD or DVD to resinstall Windows 7 if the windows 7 start up tool doesnt resolve the issue.

If the issue still persists and your laptop still doesn't boot then refer to below post

Redirect all blogger posts to wordpress

Move blogger to wordpress redirecting all old posts to new wordpress posts

 update 07262013:

If your old blogger posts are still not redirecting to new urls even after move blogger to wordpress (following below article) then here is a simple way to redirect all your old blogger url to new wordpress blog url. Install this plugin in your wordpress blog and copy the html provided in this new plugin and paste it in blogger.

if your old blogger urls are redirecting to home page of new wordpress blog also use below plugin.

You need to copy the html from blogger 301 redirect --> settings and paste it into your blogger template.

Once you do this, your old blogger posts  will be redirecting to your wordpress posts. let me know if it doesn't work !!!

 Here is a nice post on how to move blogger to wordpress without loosing google rankings How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Rankings

If you are Getting 404 Not Found Error or all posts in blogger are now referring to single post in wordpress after moving from blogger to wordpress even after following all the instructions given in above post

You might be wondering what went wrong, the only solution for your issue of Getting 404 Not Found Error or all posts in blogger are now referring to a single post in wordpress is because of  the blogger/ added after your new domain name in your old blogger.

Be careful while adding the /blogger/ after your new wordpress domain, It is not needed to add your new everywhere in the html template.

 Make sure that /blogger should be added after your domain name only in <itempage> tag.