connect to Godaddy web hosting using Filezilla

Do you log into Godaddy web hosting File manager  every time you need to modify files in ftp?

No, you need not log into your Godaddy web hosting File manager  to access ftp of your web hosting domain. You can just access your ftp files using Filezilla, one of most popular ftp tools used worldwide.

To Access Godaddy web hosting File manager  using Filezilla (FTP), you need to create a ftp user for your hosting domain

1) To create a ftp user, login into godaddy --> ftp users --> create ftp user

2) You can now access Godaddy web hosting File manager  using filezilla, just provide these details and say connect
  1. Server ip or hosting account domain( say

  2. ftpusername created

  3. password
You can get the ip details of godaddy webhosting server if needed on the right bottom of the screen, once you click the launch button beside Web hosting domain.

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