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Business Intelligence Development Studio - BIDS in SQL Server 2012

BIDS in SQL Server 2012

If  you are wondering 'where is Business Intelligence Development Studio - BIDS for  SQL Server 2012 after installing SQL Server 2012, you may not find it.

You won't find BIDS in Sql Server 2012 because it has been replaced by SQL Server Data Tools which uses core of Visual Studio 2010  and has has Report Builder and Report Designer built into Visual Studio 2010.

The Color of the IDE is now changed when compared to BIDS in SQL Server 2008, It looks more of a Visual Studio 2010 since its built on top of it.

You still will have  the same functionality in SQL Server Data Tools similar to that of BIDS in SQL Server 2008 with new features added in SQL Server 2012

This is how SQL Server Data Tools IDE looks when you click on SQL Server Data Tools in start menu ( It uses Visual Studio 2010 IDE)

Once you open the SQL Server Data Tools IDE and click on new project, you see the same new project dialog similar to what we had in BIDS 2008.

SQL Server Data Tools IDE now looks sharper when compared to BIDS 2008 as below.

Get iCloud email on my windows PC

Get  iCloud email on my windows

Is there a way to use or access or icloud email from a windows pc?

If you type and press enter in your windows browser , it says 'mobileme is closed'

Yes, you can use or access your iCloud email from your windows browser and check your mails in any windows browser rather than in a apple devices like iPhone,iPad or iPod.

Just click the below URL, give the and login into your email or iCloud email from windows browser.

You can login to your or iCloud mail from windows by using 

  • Apple ID/password  ( once you login into iCloud you see.

    • Mail

    • Contacts

    • Calendar

    • Notes

    • Reminders

    • Find My iPhone (if you are already using this)

    • iWork ( Not free app, you need to pay nearly 10$ from App store).

  • (

Online Indane gas booking or apply for new Indane gas connection online

Online Indane gas booking or apply for new Indane gas connection online.

How to register for a New Indane Gas connection online

Set your preferred Time of delivery for your Indane Gas Connection online

How to reactivate your deactivated gas connection due to not availing gas connection for more than 6 months.

How to know Indane LPG gas cylinder and Auto Gas prices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai

How do existing Indane Gas customers register online

How to do online booking for Indane Gas connection.

Search for Indane Gas distributor in your state/city

Search for Indane Gas Offices in your state/city

Indane gas automated Refill system booking for Delhi only

To know about Indane Non fuel products like LPG Stoves,Fire Extinguishers, Cylinder trolley and Kitchenware items

How to transfer a Indane Gas connection in case you are shifting your residence

How to give your feedback to Indane gas

How to give feedback to Indane webmaster related to Indane website.

How to know about new Indane connection tariff, Product price and Preferred time charges for Indane gas.

SMS/IVRS Booking for Indane Gas

Indane Gas Frequently asked questions related to LPG & Customer

For more details on Indane Auto gas

How is Indane LPG used in Commercial Applications

How to get back to Indane LPG after migrating to PNG

Keep Your Debit Card/ ATM card Pin Safe/Strong

Keep Your Debit Card/ ATM card Pin Safe/Strong

We use strong passwords to keep our email and internet banking accounts to keep it safe from hackers and Phishing, but we don't use the same with our SBI/ICICI/HDFC ATM or Debit card pins which can be easily guessed and misused.

Most of us still have the same PIN used by most and there by are easy prey for cheaters. As per a survey done on 34 Lakh ATM pins used '1234' is used by 11% of debit card users.

Here are few tips on Do's and Donts to keep your SBI/ICICI/HDFC debit or ATM card pin or any bank ATM/Debit card safe.

  • Never use your date of birth as your Debit card/ATM pin, nearly 20% of pins are between 1990 to 1999

  • Don't use 1234,1111,0000 as your ATM pin,  these three pins are used by 20% people and 1111 alone is used by 6% of people

  • 10,000 combinations can be done using a 4 digit number, however 50% of people are using only 426 codes. So it's very easy for a person who has found your ATM card and guess its Pin.

  • You may use codes like 8093,9067, 7097 and 7637. 8068 is used by only 0.001%

  • Most people prefer using even number like 2468 rather than pin like 13357.

Here are few more tips to keep your pin safe.

  • Make sure you cover keypad while entering with the other hand

  • Don't keep your pin noted along with your ATM card.

  • Change your pin immediately after receiving your first Pin received from bank.