Information is Wealth...: June 2012

Apple anounces iOS 6 today with better Siri and Facebook Integration

Apple announces  iOS 6 with better Siri and Facebook Integration with nearly 200 new features. Key features were included for Siri and Facetime.


Siri in iOS 6:

Siri has become smarter in iOS6 and learned few more languages like Italian,mandarin and more.

  • You can make hotel reservations 

  • You can get movie reviews

  • Siri can also tweet for you. 

Tight Integration with Facebook:

The rumors about apple integrating its new iOS with Facebook is finally true. iOS6  gets Facebook integrated to your calendar, you can see all events like birthdays in your calendar.


Better Facetime:

With iOS 6 , face time now works with 3G not just with WiFi in earlier versions of iOS.


For more information on new features in apple's iOS 6 refer below...



Find vulnerable plugins in Firefox browser and make it safe?

How to find vulnerable plugins in Firefox browser and make it safe?All outdated plugins in your browser are not necessarily dangerous and may not harm your PC, however most outdated plugins are prone to attacks.  One of the good examples of attacks done was by outdated java plugins in both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Many users don't update their plugins in their browsers as frequently as needed, hackers use their ready made exploits which are made specific for an outdated plugin, If  your plugin is updated, developers would already  fixed that vulnerability, else your data and PC is in risk.

Is there an easy way of checking updates for each of your plugin at a single place? Yes, Firefox has come up with a plugin checker, which displays all plugins and their status and action to be taken.Each plugin is displayed with status and Action section Update button in three different colors

  • Red - update immediately (high risk)
  • Yellow - good to upgrade (medium risk)
  • Green- good, you have the latest or safest version of the plugin You may just click on the update button and it leads to plugin's home page. cool way of making your browser secure isn't it?

Limits pictures in blogger account

Though Google provides a lot of room for bloggers and unlimited features like number of posts and other, still there are few limitations in a blogger account.

No limitation Zone:

  • Number of posts

  • Size of posts (but it may vary if your post has images)

  • Number of comments

Here comes the limitation zone:

  • Size of pages, limited to 1 MB

  • Not more than 100 blogs for a Google account

  • Upload limit via blogger mobile for an image is 250k

  • Limit of 100 members per blog

  • Up to 2000 unique labels for each post

  • Blog description is restricted to 500 characters with no html.

  • 'About Me' section has a maximum of 1200 characters

  • Number of Pictures  in blogger account- up to 1 GB including your existing albums

On more info about uploading pictures limitation in blogger amount. Since there is a memory limit of 1 GB for pictures to be uploaded for each blogger account.

You can check the amount of memory used by your blog pictures. All the pictures uploaded in blogger will be stored in picasa, even though you have deleted the posts the images still remain in your picasa account.

To view all the pictures or images in your blog, just log into your picasa google account and click on the album , with name of your blog.

To find how much remaining space you have on blogger account, click on Options(at the right most corner)  --> Photo Settings --> Storage

This screen does display the percentage of memory used and free space available in your Google's picasa web or blogger account.

Google's Speak Now Search for chrome browser

Google is testing its new speech to text ability in its chrome browser. It Looks good, though its still not the best speech to text ability available.

You just need to click the microphone icon and speak when , it shows 'Speak now'

Speak Now Search for chrome :
Speak Now Search for chrome
I tested it with words like laptop and coffee making, It was correct once out of 10, so still beta and lot more to improve.

my speech for a word 'laptop' fetches this from Google's speak now :) , what you say?

Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser

Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser

Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser - How to uninstall or Remove Babylon uTorrent toolbar from firefox browser?

When you install torrent clients like uTorrent and other programs, lot of toolbars start adding to your browser. This  makes your firefox browser slower and heavy to Load.

To remove babylon or utorrent toolbars from your firefox browser, You do not need any uninstallers.

Firefox browser has a add-on manager which shall take care of these toolbars which you no more need and like to remove or uninstall.

You can clean these toolbars from your Firefox browser by just following the below steps using the firefox add-on manager.

1) Go to Options in Firefox browser

Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser

2) Click on Manage add-ons
Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser

3) Click remove on each tool bar like babylon or utorrent to remove them from your firefox browser. Once you click on remove and restart the browser, your firefox browser is now clean from babylon or utorrent toolbars. Hope this helps you in removing Babylon or uTorrent toolbar from your firefox browser

Babylon uTorrent toolbar firefox browser

Ramayana in HTML5 by Google Indonesia

Ramayana in HTML5 by Google Indonesia

Ramayana is known as an ancient sanskrit epic. Its also an important part of Hindu culture and history.Google has come up with HTML 5 representation of this great epic, It demonstrates Ramayana in form of episodes.

The text is written in bahasa Indonesia language. However you can convert the text into your favourite language like English or Hindi or Spanish or Portuguese using Google Translate in chrome browser and go through one of the best visual treat created using HTML 5 by Google.

Note that this translator may work only for Google's chrome browser.

Surf through this Ramayana in our Facebook era.

Looks amazing isn't it?

Translate text from english to hindi or Portuguese to english using Google Translate

Google has come up with free text translator named Google Translate for chrome browser and apple iOS which can translate between 60 languages.

How does this translator help you? If you have found a website or portal in a different language you can just click the Translate extension to convert the text into your favorite language.

Once you install this Translator on Chrome you may translate any language, just click on the Translator Icon on the right top corner of chrome and its done.

For an example it can translate from

  • English to Spanish 

  • Portuguese to English

  • English to Hindi

Google Translate is available as an extension for chrome browser  and also available as an iOS app in Itunes for  iPod,iPhone and iPad.

How do you feel after having a free Translator?