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HP Gas Cylinder Tracking

HP Gas Cylinder Tracking portal

Have your ever been denied of domestic gas booking a Gas cylinder with in a fortnight?  Here is how to do HP domestic Gas Cylinder Tracking

Or do you doubt that some one else is booking gas refills on your connection and being delivered during your absence or because of less utilization of your refills?

Now the question is , can we track your domestic gas cylinder's refill history? Yes we can !!!

You can see the last 12 refill data Information in your HP gas consumer world portal. It contains all the details like order reference number, cylinder booking number, booking date, delivery date and so on.

Cylinder Tracking System:

Here is the URL for hp gas online portal where your cylinder tracking can be done.

You need to login into the above HP gas business portal with you username/password to see the history of your last 12 gas refills.

Once you login into the HP gas consumer portal, you can see all the history of your cylinder's refill. looking at this refill history you can easily track your cylinder.

HP Gas Cylinder Tracking

Goat having Lunch on Honda Activa

Have you ever seen or heard about Goat having lunch on a Honda Activa?Can't believe !!! It has just followed the principle 'Necessity is the mother of Invention'

I was just arround to capture his style of  Lunch. This one always has lunch on bikes like Hero Honda and Honda :)

Looks like a Goat Rider, lol.. 'Think Different'...