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Google drive Features and Advantages

Google drive Features and Advantages

update 07272013:

Google now provides 15 GB of free space in cloud

I always have been great fan of GOOGLE for products like GTALK, GOOGLE Desktop,Google Earth and others which make our daily life better and easy.

Google has now come with a new cloud called Google Drive which shall reduce the redundancy of efforts in managing/sharing files with your friends and family.

Google Drive Features:

  • Google Provides 5 GB of Free space in Cloud.

  • You can create, share and manage files using Google drive.

  • Sync all changes from one place, make changes in one place. The Sync happens in all locations, both web and desktop folders.

How to get started with Google Drive: Go through below link and get started

Once you apply for google drive, you shall get a welcome mail from Google in a day or two.

Google Drive on Web and Folder:

Once you install google drive and place your files and documents in cloud, this is how it looks in both web and folder version of google drive.


Advantages of Google Drive:

  • You can share these files with everyone.

  • No more huge mail attachments, just drop them in Google drive and share link with friends.

  • Modify at one place and sync happens everywhere, ie., in all Laptops where you access Google Drive folder with same google account.

  • No more worries of file sync in multiple places, same change is reflected everywhere in a second.

  • For Example you have modified an excel in google drive here in India, the same updated version of the excel can be accessed by your friend in a second.

  • Just drop a party video at your friend's place into google drive , now the whole world can view it in no time.

How to access Google web drive and folder once installed:

Once google drive is installed , you may just invoke both the web and folder version of Google drive by just right click on google Drive Icon as shown above from Task bar in the right bottom in your laptop or PC.

Free video converter for IPAD iPhone iPod

Free video converter for IPAD iPhone iPod

Update: 26th Sep 2012

The free any video converter that I have posted earlier doesn't retain the quality of video, to have a better video of high quality in .mp4 for your iPad, iPod and other mobile devices use Aiseesoft MTS Converter (v6.2.16.4786). It converts video with the same video quality as that of source.

This MTS Converter supports all kinds of popular video formats with the highest conversion speed and excellent image/sound quality.

However this video converter for your apple devices is not free, you can download this video converter from torrents with a patch to run it without any limitations.

Now enjoy high quality videos in .mp4 format for your iPad,iPod and iPhone.
Here is a free video converter that shall convert .WMV to .mp4 for your Apple IPAD,IPOD and BLACKBERRY devices.

Features of this converter.

  • Doesn't have limitations of video size like other video converters that shall convert only 10 minutes or so

  • Converts videos for Apple IPAD, IPOD and Blackberry devices

Given below is the location from where you can download this video converter. For more information on tool refer.

Video Converter Information:

Free Video Converter download Location:

IPAD 2 not charging connected to laptop usb port

IPAD 2 not charging connected to laptop usb port

Does your IPAD 2 get charged when connected to Dell, Thinkpad Laptop? If it shows 'NOT CHARGING' even after connected to Laptop's USB port.. Then you may need to Install ASUS charger utility on your laptop. Download it from below location and install.

This Utility can be installed on DELL,LENOVO Laptops and once restarted your IPAD 2 gets charged connected to Laptop USB.

Here is the screen shot BEFORE and AFTER installation of ASUS utility. After Installation and restarting the Laptop, your IPAD 2 gets charged when connected to laptop usb. Look at the right end corner of IPAD 2 where it shows Charging Icon

Before and After Installation

Cardiac surgeons from Arizona pay 100,000 $ to settle HIPAA violations

Cardiac surgoens from Arizona pay $ 100,000 to settle HIPAA  violations - (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability)An Arizone cardiac surgery group has agreed to pay $100,000 to resolve an investigation into potential violations of the Health Insurance Portability by exposing details of their patients via public media. for more details refer 

Narendra Modi Rooftop solar power policy in Gujarat

Narendra Modi Rooftop Solar power policy

Narendra Modi's government plans 'Rooftop' solar power policy in Gujarat state
  • Narendra Modi's government in gujarat has initiated a 5MW roof top program to generate electricity. 

  • This policy would make people in gujarat self-reliant in generating power. 

  • People can use the power generated by their own roof top and sell off the remaining power to grid

  • Due to this solar power generated by new Plant the cost per unit has come down from Rs 15 per unit to Rs 8.50 per unit

  • With this installed capacity of 600 Mw plant of solar power generation, Gujarat has become world's largest solar power field generator

  • Mr Narendra Modi says that this solar energy sector is going to bring new 30,000 jobs in state of Gujarat.

For more details refer 

An Idea can change life, Modiji ... Great Idea ...

AP Inter 1st year results 2013

AP Inter 1st year results

Board of intermediate have announced results for inter 1st year both general and vocational. Here are the URLs for inter 1st year results 2013 with marks, just type in the hall ticket number for inter 1st year results 2013 displayed with marks.

For Inter 1st Year results 2013 (General)

For Inter 1st Year results 2013 (Vocational)

Remove Laptop Battery Increase Life

Remove Laptop Battery Increase Life

Given below are few tips to extend Toshiba or Lenovo laptop battery or any laptop battery life.

Don't Run It Down to Empty
Don't try to run it until last drop, this may decrease the life span of Lithium Ion Battery. Since all latops today use Lithium Ion Battery using until the last minute may decrease battery life.

Remove Laptop Battery Increase Life ?
Yes Give It a Rest, If you're going to be working exclusively on AC power for a week or more, remove the battery first and work with Adapter connected on. This shall reduce charge and discharge of laptop battery and there by increase battery life.

For more information on Ways to Increase Laptop Battery Life Please refer

text less pay more

text less pay more

Here is one good example why we should be paying attention to surroundings rather than sticking to mobiles  and texting always.

Here is a guy who is busy with his mobile and finally receives a surprise of his life !!!!

Please pay attention to your sorroundings, its very risky while in traffic.

Do you agree?

update: 02082013:

This Video has been removed from youtube :(