Save Earth - Reduce Polythene Cover Usage

Save Earth - Reduce Polythene Cover Usage

I have gone through one article in eenadu paper which tells us how polythene is going to effect our life and planet earth, here are the facts.

Polythene bags or heavy duty polythene bags used in daily life area big threat to our planet earth

Polythene carrier bags never decomposes when compared to other substances that we use/throw, the comparison was an eye opener.

Good initiative has been taken in few cities like Pune, Bangalore and other cities to ban usage of polythene carry bags.

SubstanceTime to decompose
Vegetables5 days - 1 month
Banana Layer24 days
Sugar Cane Waste30 to 60 days
Paper Cover2 - 5 months
Cotton1 -  5 months
Thread3 - 14 months
Orange Layer6 months
Cigarette bud1 yrs - 12 yrs
Leather Shoe25 yrs - 40 yrs
Nylon Cloth30 yrs - 40 yrs
Aluminium Tins80 yrs - 100 yrs
Polythene Cover    1000 Yrs

What harm does polythene do if it does not decompose for 1000 Yrs:
  • It doesn't allow water/Rain to go into soil, there by reducing water levels

  • Polythene cells kill the strength of soil and reduces the Farm productivity

  • Since there is lot of polythene all around, municipalities have started burning it. But once burn't again it spreads into air and will be part of our body resulting in lot of diseases.

  • All the cities drainage system is blocked by polythene and is HEAVEN for mosquitoes and other bacteria to LIVE.

  • Lot of Animals are killed because of polythene covers.In a recent survey, 100 cows die daily in Uttar Pradesh because of polythene bags in their intestine.

  • worldwide 10 lakh polythene covers are used per minute.
We all  know that usage of polythene carrier bags can't be stopped in a day, best thing is reduce it so that we save our Planet and our future , use Paper or Jute bags

Please save the planet !!!

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