Google Analytics filter ip address

Google analytics filter ip address or exclude internal traffic from Google Analytics results

How to filter your ip address from google analytics or google analytics don't track ip address.

To filter your ip or a set of ip addresses in a domain or exclude a isp domain you just to need to exclude it by adding ip address in the filters section of google analytics.

To filter your ip address in google analytics or don't track ip address, Login into Google Analytics with your credentials

1) Click on All Acounts --> Select your account --> All website data ( look for a globe icon here )

2) once you have selected the website profile , now click on Admin button on top right corner of the screen

3) You now see the below tabs

  • Profiles

  • Tracking Info

  • Property Settings

  • Social Settings

  • Remarketting

  • Custom Definitions

4) Click on Profiles tab if it is not selected by default

5) Click on All website data

6) Now click on the filters tab, click on + New Filter button and add your ip addresses to filter it from google analytics.

You can also add a filter to exclude traffic from a range of ip addresses, single ip address  and ISP domain as well.

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