Information is Wealth...: January 2012

How to display html code in blogger or website

Just Copy the HTML that you want to display and convert it so that it can
be displayed as html in browser.

For More details refer.

How to find build date of an assembly

How to find build date of an assembly and name of connection string 

Let us first have a label named lblversion, where we shall display the name of the connection string and build date of assembly

Code to be placed in codebehind :

lblVersion.Text = String.Format("Schema: {0}Build Date: {1}", Schema, System.IO.File.GetLastWriteTime (System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location).

How to create RSS Feeds and Google Sitemap for ASP.Net MVC using LINQ to xml

The two most popular reasons why we have a XML in most of our personal websites
  1. RSS Feed

  2. Google Site Map

The above said two reasons can be be implemented using LINQ to XML


How to implement Auto Suggest using an Auto complete Extender Control

This Auto Suggest control shall suggest the user
  1. Text based on text entered.

  2. Shall suggest you images based on the image name entered as input in the text box.


How to build Custom SEO friendly paging with ASP.NET Repeater or DataList control Controls like Data Grid and Grid view have paging functionality out of the box. How about controls like repeater and data list control which do not having paging out of the box.

Advantages of these controls:
  1. View State need not be maintained.

  2. They are SEO (Search engine Optimization) friendly, so search engines like google and bing can even crawl through all the records in this Repeater or DataList


Appdev training videos for Sql server reporting services 2005

Here is the link for Appdev videos for SSRS 2005, These videos are very much useful for people who want to know the basic and advanced topics in Sql Server 2005.

No Password required for any of these files, have fun. Happy Learning

If Apple and Blackberry were just Fruits !!!

No doubt,  Apple and blackberry have taken life to new heights, technology has changed a lot of people's life and given lot of comfort and ease. 

On the other hand If apple and blackberry were fruits they would have resulted in better health being part of a good diet.

Since apple and blackberry are no more fruits, they make people part of a virtual environment and have created a virtual wall in social living of people.

We can't even assume how this mechanical life would be if on one fine day Apple and Blackberry were just fruits ....

This isn't a blackberry joke....

Think of it , lol

Sholay Thakur Ka Hath Mil Gaya

We have finally found Hands of Sholay"s Thakur hands that went missing since our Independence day in year 1975. Don't wonder what Independence day has to do with Sholay Movie... Sholay was released on August 15th 1975.

Finally Sholay Thakur ka hath mil gaya, looks like Its the discovery of the century !!!! 

Do you remember the famous bollywood dialogue 'Gabbar ko marne ke liye Thakur ke payr hi kaafi hain ' ...

If you wanna have a look at Thakur's missing hands that were found  and Thakur's fight with gabbar singh ... , go through below link.

Gabbar Singh knew this all these years , lol

Keep Smiling :)

Mega Star Chiranjeevi New Movie 2015

There has been a lot of hype about Megastar Chiranjeevi's new movie which is also the 150th Movie of Chiranjeevi.

News has been flowing around that below directors will be taking up the challenge of taking up this prestigious project.

News in Tollywood is that following directors are taking up Chiranjeevi's new movie in 2015
  1. AR Murugadoss

  2. SS Rajamouli

  3. VV Vinayak

  4. And finally now its sensational director Shankar.

Tollywood talks say that Chiranjeevi is looking for a story that would boost his political as well as Box Office collections.

All the best for Megastar Chiranjeevi and his new movie in 2015 and his fans as well ...

Is My Blog In Google's Index

To find out if your blog or website is already crawled by Google or to know if your website is already in Google's index.

Try This

1) Go to Google

2) Search for site: Site: blog or website name